I find inspiration in how other families deal with this disease. Thank you for sharing.

Family Myself and Me

This is an article written about my daughter and our family and living with Celiac and Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

The full article can be viewed at Troy Media. http://www.troymedia.com/2012/06/08/when-good-food-can-kill-a-child/  or go to Troy media directly and search the title.

“When a family has a shelf in the kitchen with a sign that reads, “Beware Gluten!”, you know they must take eating food seriously. ” 
We are very careful with the food that is in our home and especially careful when we are out at friends or restaurants. I think dining at restaurants is a whole other article.
Emily is very determined and has taking everything that has happened in stride.  When people find out what she is dealing with they are very surprised and often inspired to see a twelve year old taking on such a life challenge.

“Last March, Emily earned the opportunity to spend spring break…

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Ketones yesterday and ketones again this morning.  Brandon woke up yesterday morning throwing up. Checked his blood glucose, HI the meter read.  Had him pee in a cup and the test strip was a very pretty maroon color, hi ketones.  Gave him a correction dose of insulin and water.  Repeated this throughout the day.  He perked up and was bouncing around the house.  

This was the first time that his sister was a little upset because we had plans to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo, so this was the first time that diabetes rained on her parade.  

Last night I thought we were in the clear. This morning he woke up and tested his blood glucose and it read HI – he woke me up and in a sleepy haze I got his humalog prepared and he took it.  While I was in the bathroom he began to throw up again.  Made the call to the on call nurse and talked everything through with her.

This past week we have begun to make strides, his blood glucose has been better and coming down and he has even been in his target blood glucose range more this past week than before.  I am so frustrated and if I am frustrated and confused how does he feel.  I know physically he feels icky and tired and missing another day of school doesn’t help.  Emotionally I am not sure how he feels at this moment.