Energy, Last, Run

I found these 3 words as journaling prompts at  Hold on tight here we go!


Last Sunday, I dropped Brandon off at diabetes camp.  This is his second year at camp and when I pick him up he is full of energy because he is so excited to tell me everything that he  did during the entire week and without electronics.  This year we had to pick up his sister in Ohio so the car ride was a little longer.

He taught me all the camp songs and told me about his adventures canoeing and playing volleyball and the skits that they performed during the week.  Needless to say he had so much energy during the first 2 hours of the ride to Ohio, that soon faded to a very long nap.

My ride to camp to fetch Brandon was full of anticipation and energy.  I had missed him and his humor.  My energy was up because I got to rest a little.  I got to sleep through the 2 am blood sugar tests and take a break from counting carbs.

I know that we both look forward to camp, it is a week that he can be with kids like him and spend a whole week having fun and not worrying about diabetes. He gains energy by being a kid again.

I gain energy by turning off the worry for a week and getting some sleep.  It makes me so happy to see him after camp, his smile and excitement about the weeks events.

Listen to my radio interview with Denise Brown of here.


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